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Canon Rebel XT

Everyone can relate in some way to photography. Some have elaborate SLRs, others pocket compact cameras, and still others have simple cameraphones. For quite some time now I’ve been looking into photography – I must decide what to bring on my summer galavants through Europe. The more literature I pile through, the more I lean towards purchasing a digital SLR. The benefits of having complete control over each picture far outweigh the physical and monetary burden of an SLR. I’m seeing this to such a degree that I’ve even thought of shortening the trip as to finance a good quality camera. Over the past few weeks I have been pouring through mountains of pictures – many being beautiful pieces of art.

Flickr has let me accomplish this. I had never really used the site before, but am now very impressed. I would definitely rate it as on par with the big names in social networking – Facebook, Myspace, and MSN to name a few. I’ve primarily perused groups with photos categorized by the camera, lens, or style used to capture them. This gives me a pretty good understanding of the capabilities of various SLR bodies and lenses.

As of now, I am quite fixed on a Canon Rebel XT body. This is the camera itself, and like all SLRs, useless without a lens. My predicament at the moment is which lens(es) and accessories to purchase in conjunction. There are wide angle lenses, prime lenses, zoom lenses, there are polarizing filters, haze filters, external flashes, battery grips, camera bags. I have read in many articles that a good photographer will look at the system as a whole when deciding what to get, not just the individual body, lens, or attachment. I will most definitely be spending the next little while continuing my research into the matter and will definitely be posting here when I decide to bite the bullet and choose. Until then, I leave with nothing but words.

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