A much needed update


It has been far too long since I last posted. Over the last 2 weeks much has happened. The first few days of school went by at a snail’s pace, in anticipation for Encounter. On Thursday, 3rd all of the leaders left the school with Gambier island in site. We arrived at our destination – camp Artona, and the rest is history. As I am bound by the grips of Encounter, I will reveal nothing as to what took place, but I came back refreshed and revitalized.

Over the weekend I went skiing for the last time this season. Grouse and Cypress are now officially closed. I do see this as rather strange as there is a fantastic base at both mountains of over 500cm. It would seem that the mountains aren’t generating enough traffic to justify staying open. I would chance a guess that the reason they don’t open just on weekends is because it would be hard to find staff for only those two days. There would also be much more work needed if the mountain was not maintained during the week. I hope to have the chance to ski at Whistler at least one more time before the end of the season there. With AP exams looming in the near future, however, this seems unlikely

Today was an extraordinary day for me as I purchased insurance for my car. A few days ago I fixed the rear brake by removing the wheel and rotating the axel to get the break “unstuck”. I now owe my mechanic $300 – he was nice enough to remove the labour costs from the bill. This is still far more than I would like to spend though. I washed the car and now it is looking better than ever – you’d never guess it had been sitting dormant in the driveway stagnating over the last 3 months. I do still have to clean up a bit of mould that has grown on the back seat while it has been there and need to give it a good polish and wax tomorrow.

I’ve been seriously lacking in the fitness department. Since buying my new shoes, I’ve used them only a handful of times. With the Sun Run drawing ever closer (this Sunday) I am becoming increasingly anxious. To my credit, I did run to the bottom of the road and back – a total of 4km in about 30 minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so out of shape before. I am determined to go to the gym a few times this week, as I have the car now making it easy to drive there after school.

I hope to write a few creative writing pieces or journal articles over the next few days. This would probably be great as preparation for my English provincial. I promise to start writing more and not let this fall, like my car, into neglect.

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