Silky smooth

Having washed the car yesterday, I directed my attention to polishing it to a sleek red finish today. I hadn’t done this since last year and forgot how tiring it was. Basically, polishing the car consists of applying a few small dabs of product to a given panel, rubbing it in with a cotton cloth, and then buffing to a mirror-like shine with a clean cloth. This is then repeated for each panel of the car – the hood, both sides of the roof, the trunk, both fenders, both doors, and both rear/side panels. All in all it was definitely worth the effort, you’d never be able to tell the car had been sitting for 4 months through the snow, sleet, and hail of Vancouver.

As far as school goes, I’ve got a calculus test tomorrow that is far more difficult than I am capable. I’m not too worried as my calculus mark isn’t very important, but it would be nice to do well. Each question is from a past AP exam though, so this is a true representation of what’s to come in may. The English exam is now only 3 days away, a source of a great part of my anxiety.

I almost sealed the deal on a digital SLR camera today from craigslist, but ended up being outbid by $200. The deal hasn’t been finalized yet though, so there’s still hope for me. I’ve added bookmarks to my firefox page – links to craiglist searches for “rebel xt” and “rebel xti”, the 2 cameras I’m interested in. I’m hoping it won’t be long until I can begin my photographic career and post some masterpieces in an album here. I like to dream big.

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