Wednesday night at Phi Delt

Totem Pole

Totem pole outside Brock Hall

Siegel’s bagel for breakfast. I should have bought a full dozen for myself! Six won’t be sufficient for the week. A pretty average day of classes, 10-5 with a 2 hour break. It’s nice not being in all the extra classes like earlier this year. 9-6 with a 1 hour break was too much.

Every Wednesday night there’s a fraternity meeting where we talk about events, secret things, etc. There was also a sorority exchange yesterday where one of the sororities came by and we had a party downstairs. They’re always a good time with free and plentiful drink. Last night was century club where 100 shots of beer are drank in 100 minutes. I can’t say anything good about the quality of the beer, but it was a good night all the same. Caught the last bus back from UBC, 12:16.

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