Lunch at Vanier

Global warming protests

Spencer dressed up as a dinosaur, advocating for climate change

Had lunch with Annie today at Vanier. It was my first time there and my first reaction was that it’s pretty nice compared to the Queen’s cafeterias. I had a grilled wrap and it was pretty standard. Choose your meat, choose your cheese, choose your toppings. They had a pizza station, asian food, etc. It looks like you could differentiate consumption pretty often. The big difference between Queen’s meal plans and the UBC meal plan is that UBC has a pay-per-item system where Queen’s has a charge-per-meal system. At Queen’s you get unlimited food, which is good from a value perspective, but not so good if you’re trying to watch your weight. At UBC there’s a much greater incentive to eat what you take (you are paying for it after all) whereas there was tons of food waste at Queen’s. From a student’s perspective I think I’d prefer to go with the UBC varient as it ends up being quite a bit cheaper for the year.

Went for dinner with Mum to Banana Leaf. I really liked the layout inside and the food was good. The one gripe was that the Kung Pow Boneless Chicken contained whole red dried chilis. Eating one of these accidently was not a good experience for Mum. I’ll do a writeup and post it on the restaurants section. It’s at the top of the blog if you haven’t seen it yet. Be wary it’s still in progress.

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