Phi Delt formal last night and studying today

The remnants of onions that didn’t quite turn out

The Phi Delta Theta formal was at the Raincity Grill on Denman at Davie. We booked quite a few long tables there and took up most of the space. I had a good evening. Alexandra was down from Poughkeepsie for a midterm break so I had the chance to catch up with her. For dinner I had a ceaser salad to start – with very good croutons I might add, then lamb which was delicious and very tender, and we all finished with some sort of pudding dressed with a berry merangue sauce. Quite the meal!

Today was primarily spent studying for my microeconomics midterm. It’s worth 50% of my mark, so it’s a big deal! I also tried transferring Katie’s music to the media center, but half the files wouldn’t transfer because of bad filename structure. The media center wouldn’t accept any file/folder names with commas, or accents, etc above vowels. 2000 songs or so failed transferring because of that.

I tried to do coconut rice for dinner, but it didn’t work out at all. I used coconut milk instead of water in the rice cooker. The rice ended up being overly hard (not completely cooked), so I had to add water and continue cooking untill soft. It was also way too coconutty. I think next time I’ll take Adam’s advice and soak the rice in coconut milk, and then steam it normally with water. I also did carmelized onions and potato chips. I wanted to try making the carmelized onions crispy, so I put them in the oven after carmelizing them on the stove. They all burnt and completely stuck to the plate, resulting in what can be seen in the picture above. The potatos were okay, but not great. They didn’t stick to the pan as I used parchment paper this time. They tasted too potatoey in the end. I think next time I’ll soak them in salt water instead of sprinkling salt over top. They’d also be better with some sort of seasoning other than salt. All in all, it was a good learning experience

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