Whistler 2009-11-14


Headed to Whistler with someone who had advertised a ride-share on the VOC message board. Picked up from Taylor Way and the highway at 7:45am and left for the mountain. Arrived at 9am and got our gear together.


The line-up for the gondola up Whister was massive (Blackcomb is closed untill November 26th). When we got into it, it was all the way to Zogs. Supposedly later it reached almost to the movie theatre. On the good side, it moved very quickly. They crammed 10 people into every gondola, so it wasn’t long till we were at the front of the queue.


There was lots of fresh snow and although there were a lot of people, it was great to ski. Line-ups weren’t over-the-top and were 5-10 minutes most of the day (towards the end of the day they weren’t much over a minute.) We stayed on Red chair most of the day as the line was shorter. Though we did get a decent run down one of the black runs to Harmony and then skiid the road to Emerald. There were a few rocks, but I was lucky and didn’t hit anything. I’m going to want to bring my nice skis from now on, as I can really feel the difference in terms of ability to turn, ability to carve, and general absorbtion of shock.


We grabbed some lunch and I had a sandwich made by Dad along with an instant soup and hot chocolate as-per-usual.


We met up with a couple of Adrian’s friends after lunch and skied with them for the rest of the day. (Wow, my first time realizing the propper spelling for “skied” – interesting…) Everyone kept up and skied well. Adrian seemed to have raced before and was consistantly the first one down.


We got back to the car at 4pm and I arrived home at 6pm. There was killer traffic across the Lions Gate, and I forgot to tell Michelle to turn up Denman, so it was rather slow going up Burrard. I grabbed a cinnamon bun with Katie from Grounds for Coffee to end the day. A great start to the season!

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