New Blog :)

After much pain, labour, and strenuous contact with customer support I’ve got this blog up and running. My biggest struggle was choosing a skin. I didn’t want to have a bland skin like so many in the directory, nor font size that was too small, nor a photograph of a place I’ve never been. Fussy? Maybe, but I think not. The skin of a website is like the cover of a book, if it’s not up to snuff it won’t get read. I’m still learning the ropes of editing the page – I need to remove all the pottery and plant links on the right side. There’s also a copyright at the bottom which is firstly outdated and secondly to a website – – bland if I dare say so myself. I intended to make this blog for when I go to Europe, but writing daily seems a good habit to get in to. I must admit, Ms McEwan may have been right in her hawkish ways of convincing students to keep a journal. This seems as good a medium as any. Until I take a photograph of my own I’ll leave this wobbly tree up. Clearly not the most physically practical of conifers, but it shall suffice. Until next time, I bid the world wide web adieu.

3 Responses to “New Blog :)”

  1. beziehung suchen Says:

    Naja denke ich die Power Ist der Januar frostig und kalt, lockt uns bald der grüne Wald.

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