Mozart’s Requiem by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

VSO Reception

Katie and I at the Orpheum

Finally had my econ exam today and it wasn’t all that bad. More time would have made a big difference. I received a letter saying I had been approved for student funding, which will be a relief.

Went to Kam’s Place for dinner and ordered Laksa (a noodle soup with chicken and prawns dish) along with lemon chicken (breaded chicken, somewhat similar to schnitzel, but not as good and a bit on the sweet side. Following that, we headed through the rain to the Orpheum Theatre.

It was a great show, the first time I’d seen an orchestral production in many years. The last time was probably on a field trip with band or choir back at Collingwood. The conductor was the very lively Bramwell Tovey, a pleasure to watch. I particularly enjoyed the choir towards the end as it projected very well. For only $10 with a student access pass, I think I’ll go again.

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