Evening Running

Buchanon D

Buchanon D314

I went for a run through the Endowment Lands again this evening. I just made it before it got too dark, 4:10pm – 5:00pm. I didn’t quite get to the output level I would have liked, but it was a good run nonetheless. It’s definitely beneficial to look at a map beforehand and decide on a general route. I ended up going farther than planned as I was faster than I thought I’d be. Huckleberry -> Hemlock -> Council -> (south on the side of a road at UBC) -> Powerline -> Imperial -> Top -> Huckleberry. If I decide to go for longer next time, I’ll go farther south, maybe to Soutwest Marine. I saw Hao Li walking his dog during my run. He’s the professor for Econ 420, optimization in economics. I sat in on his course for a few weeks until the math became so difficult, my marginal learning fell to zero.

I had an interesting talk with Vasko, a fellow econ student, today about the education system. His policy was to do whatever it takes to get the highest paying job quickly after university. His plan is to do very well over the course of the next two years and be accepted to the MFE program at UofT, quickly get his MFE and move into the lucrative profession of finance. That means taking relatively easy courses this year and next as to boost his GPA. It’s unfortunate that sacrificing learning is an optimal strategy to getting a strong post graduate application. I’m still trying to take courses in which I’ll learn the most. I suppose you can only say what’s right or wrong in retrospect.

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