Student aid application accepted


Brock Hall

Just to throw it out there, this is supposedly the snowiest November Whistler has ever had, the season looks promising! “422cms have fallen so far, smashing our record for all time snowiest November!!┬áThe avalanche danger is currently high to extreme.” (Whistler Blackcomb website)

Free cupcakes yesterday outside the SUB! I’ve also got a coupon to Cupcakes, a chain with a few stores around Vancouver. They’re pretty much half icing, but they’re good if you’re looking for a sweet fix. I had the pre-trip meeting for Wilderness Survival this weekend. I’m thinking of bailing due to the rain though. The whether is not going to be very nice at all. I can’t say I fancy sleeping in a tent in the rain and making fires with wet wood. It could be very informative though. Option 2 is dim sum with Adam et al from econ.

I also confirmed that I’ll be receiving financial assistance from the BC government. Free money is definitely nice.

I returned about $1200 worth of products over the past 2 days. Yesterday was a $110 econ textbook that I “borrowed” for an assignment, today was a $1000 camera lens and $100 worth of memory from futureshop. They’ve extended their return policy until Januay 3rd or so (ie, any product bought now can be used until Jan 3rd before it must be returned).

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