Late night running and Tandoori chicken


Squirrel on neighbour’s roof, shot with new lens

Had a fairly slow day today, dim sum was cancelled at the very last minute which I was pretty disappointed about. We’ll probably to it another time though before the semester ends. I started watching Rome, a TV series, which was probably a bad idea as it wasn’t untill 6 or so episodes later that I stopped watching. Played around with my new lens a bit, but couldn’t really see how it was without leaving the house.

I decided I’d have chicken for dinner, and had no homework or anything else pressing, so spent a while prepping it. Thawed it for a few hours in a sink filled with luke warm water and marinated it with cumin, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, chili, turmeric, salt, ginger, garlic, lemon juice, chicken stock, some chopped cilantro stalks, and olive oil that I prepared by heating it, placing a chili in it for a few minutes (letting the oil soak up the juices from the chili), then discarding the chili. I let it marinade while I went for a run.

I’d been planning to go for a run most of the day, but didn’t end up leaving the house till 4pm – my typical procrastination. I decided to run the full loop of the southern Endowment lands (trail map here), which was Huckleberry -> Hemlock -> Council -> Sword Fern -> S.W. Marine -> Clinton -> Sasamat -> Huckleberry. By the time I got to Marine drive it was the tail end of sunset. I actually took a break from running for a bit because the view was amazing. The view south was, I’m guessing, towards Vancouver Island, and I could just see the firey last few moments of the sun before it went down behind the mountains. The ocean was completely calm, and although overcast it didn’t rain. A little while later I got a bit lost and some dog walkers told me to head out to the street as it would be pitch black in 10 minutes. I decided to stay on the trails a bit longer, and they were right, it got pretty dark. After getting lost a couple times and re-tracing my steps, then getting chased by a dog with it’s old woman older calling after it, and running through a couple soaking wet puddles, I made it back to the road, was honked at by a car for running across the street, and than ran the sidewalk home.

The chicken was superb, as I had toasted all the spices and ground them individually. The chicken also had time to marinade for a few hours, and I had scored it well, so it soaked up the juices rather nicely. I wasn’t too sure about what temperature to put the oven, but I knew a traditional tandoor gets up to 700F so I maxed the oven at 500F. It took about 30 minutes to cook and took a very nice yellow colour because of the turmeric. Paired with rice, it made quite the dinner.

Tuesday is the due date for my 441 assignment, so I anticipate a late night tonight.

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