Queen’s tam in the wild?

Queens Tam

Old man on bus wearing what’s that? A Queen’s tam?

Today is a special day. From today, there are only 2 more weeks left of school; the countdown has begun! But there is oh so much to learn in oh so little time. Everything this year comes down to final exams.

I made the same thing for dinner today as yesterday. It was a delicious meal yet again. Last time I had a lot of the marinade in the oven with the chicken, so it seemed like the lower half had been boiled and the upper half baked. This time, I included just enough marinade to cover the chicken and mixed the rest in with the rice. This gave the rice a very nice, warm colour (primarily from the turmeric) and it tasted excellent on it’s own. It’ll be delicious as lunch tomorrow if it lasts till then.

Tandoori Chicken

My very own tandoori-esque chicken

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