Penultimate day of classes


Best Thai curry so far

I’ve been pretty busy lately getting ready for exams and such and have neither had time for blogging nor photographing. The above pictured curry was rather excellent and the fish (halibut) was perfectly cooked.

Last day of classes tomorrow, so I’m very excited. The home stretch is here! I’ve been going to the gym the past few days as to get back in shape somewhat. I’m feeling some shin splints coming along from my very old, ratty, running shoes, so I ordered a pair from Merrell at the Grouse Mountain Winter Gear Up. 70% off for staff, not a bad deal!

Skiing on Whistler and Blackcomb was rather excellent last weekend. I don’t think I’ll have any problem getting full use out of my season’s pass. There’s a substantial base of 195cm (as of this weekend) and the highlight runs were Sapphire and the Sudan. I had first tracks down Sapphire on Sunday through powder snow – what a great feeling! Later on in the day there was also still heaps of fresh snow on upper Sudan – no wonder, it was a white-out! It’s kind of fun skiing without being able to see the snow. You’ve just gotta pray there are no unexpected bump or dips. On Saturday, one of my skis popped off and I had to ski down the top half of the Sudan on one ski – quite the feat!

Time to go, will try to leave less of a gap next time


Glacier, 7th Heaven, and Harmony Chairlifts all open. Splendid!

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