Day 12: Bahia Kino

Slept in for the first time in a while. Changed money at the rate of 12.15 pesos per US dollar at a currency exchange (a better rate than HSBC) so that we’d be able to continue paying for meals, gas, etc. Ate the remaining mango and avacado from the market the day before as a quite breakfast.

After asking quite a few people how to get to Bahia Kino, we finally got some great help from the manager of an RV park outside Hermosillo. She gave us a map and really detailed directions – it would have been pretty hard to find on our own. It’s amazing how such a small thing made such a big difference to us and saved us what could have been hours of hassle.

It was about 120km with a 100km/h speed limit. We decided to pull over at a great looking thatched-roof restaurant that looked very enticing. It was about 11am or so – we called it brunch. It was funny to see all the workers sitting down talking when we arrived, as the restaurant was empty. As soon as we arrived everyone got to work. It ended up being an awesome meal. For 100 pesos ($8.23 US) we got a huge carne asada burrito, huevos rancheros, a soda, and corn chips with salsa.

IMG_0470 IMG_0477 IMG_0481

Upon arrivign at Bahia Kino we spent quite a while looking for somewhere to set up a tent. We asked lots of people, but without much useful advice. Finally we happened upon an RV park with an amazing manager who gave us lots of help. He said we could put up a tent in one of the RV spots for $20 US a night or we could go down and put up our tent on the beach, a 3 minute walk and he’d let us use the bathrooms and showers for free. It actually took us a while to find a good spot on the beach, but eventually we had the tent erected, the car parked, and were all set.

We had quite a bit of trouble putting sunscreen on in the tent. It was an absolute sauna – absorbing all the heat from the sun without any breeze at all. We were sweating so much that the sunscreen would just sweat back out as soon as we put it on. After a refreshing dip in the ocean, we walked down the street and grabbed coco helado (iced coconut) for 30 pesos.


Did some more swimming, had a shower, and had a great dinner at a restaurant recommended to us called Pargo Rojo. It was a fantastic meal – I had a fish fillet stuffed with octopus and shrimp, while Katie had “Swiss shrimp” – shrimp, mushrooms, and other vegetables in a rich, cheesy/buttery sauce. Along with a crab taco appetizer the bill came to 308 pesos ($25.35).

Now we’re back at the tent looking out throw the tent window at a beautiful ocean view, listening to the waves crash around us. We’re planning on heading to Guaymas tomorrow.

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