Day 13: Guaymas

Was woken up by a man today who knocked on our door to say good morning. He invited us to shower at his place, and though reluctant because he had just woken us up, we decided to go with him. We showered, he gave us a couple mini mangos from his tree (one of which I tried to eat whole… I asked “puedo comer en totalidad?” and he said “si”. So I put the whole thing in my mouth. Then he yelled at me “No!” and then I went “mrghhhhhhahhhh!” to which he replied “Get that out of your mouth!” and then I took it out. It was kind of funny….) And then he made Katie play guitar. And then we packed up the tent and left in search of Guaymas.

We found a nice little hotel at Guaymas, and parked/unpacked and had our first afternoon siesta of the trip. It was pretty nice with the AC.

The bus (I’m not sure if it’s autobus, bus, camion, or colectivo – the word seems to change in every city we go to) was 5 pesos each again ($0.42) – muy barato! Guaymas seemed a lot cleaner and secure than Hermosillo, so I had my camera bag slung around my neck. We found a churro stand (suggared, battered stick things. Basically a stick form of mini donut). I asked for 2 at 5 pesos each. Turns out each “churro” is actually a bag of churros so we got 2 bags of churros for 10 pesos! We were happy. After a few hours around the city we had dinner for 130 pesos in town – burritos for me, enchiladas for Katie.

Once home we made coffee with the stovetop espresso maker and the kicking horse coffee we bought and ground the night we left Vancouver. It was accompanied by a couple pastries we got at a “pasteleria” (literally cakery, but actually bakery). They were 2.5 pesos each – amazing! Note that the coffee was made using the butane stove inside a hotel room. I’m not sure if butane releases carbon monoxide, but since we don’t have windows open at all I decided to make the coffee in the bathroom. It turned out excellent and neither of us suffocated due to carbon monoxide – perfect!

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