Day 20: Return to San Carlos

We woke up very early this morning for a 6:30am departure from Mazatlan. Took a photo just before sunrise as our last memory of Mazatlan.


We drove a total of nearly 750km from Mazatlan to San Carlos. We arrived around 4:00pm. With about an hour of breaks that totaled about 8.5 hours. Not bad for such a big distance. The best break was the one I’d been looking forward to all day. We decided that if we made it to the almeja (clam) vendors before it got too late, we’d get an almeja cocktail (an assortment of clams, clamato juice, tomatos, onions, lime). It was delicious!


We got to San Carlos, showered, and hydrated. We had become pretty dehydrated from the car ride even though we’d been drinking litres of water. On our way out to dinner, a man came up to us in the RV park and said remember me? (neither of us remembered him). He said he was our waiter last time who served us the pescado frito and the margaritas last time we were here. After a bit of talking he offered us some 10% off coupons for the kayak rental store after I had expressed interest.

We went to dinner and started with pina coladas. They were fantastic. Much better than the margaritas we had last time. A mixture of coconut and pineapple – we will definitely do them again before leaving. I had a crab dish with a cream based sauce and Katie had the shrimp fetuccini alfredo. We enjoyed the food, and watched the pelicans fly by and the sun go down.

IMG_0722 IMG_0724 IMG_0726

Now back at camp, getting ready for bed

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