Day 21: Last Day in San Carlos

Had an early morning today, waking up from the sun. We had coffee from the Bialetti and headed into town in search of breakfast. We walked about 10 minutes to Rosa’s Cantina and had a delicious totally non-Mexican breakfast. Katie had pancakes (“hot cakes”) and eggs while I had French toast and eggs, while we shared a freshly squeezed delicious grapefruit juice. On getting back to the campsite we saw 2 boys sitting in a tree, thrashing around. It wasn’t long till we realised that it was a mango tree and that the father was standing below, attempting to catch the mangos as they fell. He gave us three and told us that if we wrap them in newspaper for 2 days, they should be ready to eat. Too bad the US is so strict on fruit importation.


We searched around for the kayak rental store, but to no avail. As today was our last full day in Mexico, we decided to go into town to do some souvenir shopping. It took a thorough scouring of Guaymas until we found pretty much every souvenir store clustered under one roof in the market. We spent a while there looking at everything and nick-nack here and there. I saw a really cool antique scale set and got the Mexican vendor to pose for me, “puedes pesa un aguacate otravez porque quiero sacar foto”. See – learning Spanish has it’s uses!


Headed back to San Carlos for a refreshing dip in the ocean. It’s very nice to be able to cool off after being in the car. We had another bialetti coffee and ran a bunch of errands. We did laundry, refilled our depleted stock of water – 20L for 10 pesos ($0.80 US), and checked out a kayak place. We’re thinking of going tomorrow to an island seen from the mainland. Since we didn’t have laundry detergent and it wasn’t for sale by the machines, I asked a couple girls if we could use theirs. That is… I tried to ask. I asked if I could borrow their “sopa de ropa”. It wasn’t until talking with Katie later that I realized I had asked for “clothes soup” instead of “clothes soap”. I confused the words sopa and jabon – rookie mistake!


We finished the day by going to our favourite restaurant by the ocean. We were planning on mojitos, but they didn’t have them, so we did pina coladas again instead. I had their house special filet while katie had a dish of delicious octopus – “pulpo”.


Planning on driving back tomorrow around noon or so and sleep just across the border in the Best Western again. The following day we’ll head to the Gran Canyon and hopefully be allowed to hike down and camp in the canyon. Though the permit may be hard to come by without advance notice.

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