Is Never Back Down the new Fight Club?

For my second post, I’ll go with the norm and report the findings of my day. I had to make a toss between a few different movies (I’ll admit I did have the urge to see an 18A movie just because I can now) but ended up going with Never Back Down. Yes, just from the title it sounded like it would be one of those over-sentimental storys of a cocky teenager facing the real world and becoming a man. The movie didn’t hesitate to dissapoint. From that alone it is almost futile to compare it to Fight Club – a serious movie with strong motives and less emphasis on the romance, but more on the question of whether the ends justify the means. As well, the antagonist of Fight Club is much more renowned and certainly better suited to the roll than that of Never Back Down. It was interesting to see Djimon Hounsou (Solomon in Blood Diamond) in his roll as the aged fighting guru. His acting was good, yet not quite up to par with his performance in Blood Diamond. However, this may have simply been because Solomon Vandy was a much deeper character with incentive to risk life and limb for his son that truly brough out his emotion. The fighting in itself was realistic and definitely attributed to the movie’s entertainment value. The image of brawling men pouring their strength into ripping the other part was persistant throughout the film. I would recommend the movie to anyone looking for a good flesh on flesh action movie with a dash of romance, betrayal, and forgiveness.

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