Day 22: Farewell to Mexico

We planned to go kayaking for $10 as our last adventure in Mexico. We had talked to the store man and agreed to meet him at 7:30am. It wasn’t until 8:15am that someone showed up and then their key didn’t work in the door. We decided that fate was obviously not with us and we began to drive home instead.

We made a split second decision as we approached Rosa’s Cantina (where we had gone to breakfast the day before and decided to have a nice relaxing breakast there. We both got Spanish Omelettes and they were quite good. We rolled them up in tortillas. The restaurant man was very pleased that we were from Vancouver and offered us some free Rosa’s Cantina regalos (“gifts”).

We went for a swim, packed up camp, and began the 450km back to Nogales. Though we made sure first to stop off at Ley (a big Mexico supermarket chain) to pick up some pastries and piloncillo (a sugar/molases type solid) which Katie was dying to bring back to Vancouver.

Stopped for lunch while driving through Hermosillo for some fish tacos. Then stopped just as we were about half an hour from the border for some last hurrah, farewell to Mexico quesedillas. I made sure to haggle 2 quesedillas and a pop down from 36 to 30 pesos ($2.40 US).

IMG_0762 IMG_0766

The border crossing went way better than expected. The wait was around 1.5 hours, but once we got to the border, the man let us right on through without checking the car at all. We were pretty relieved they didn’t spend a long time doing a full car search.

Drove to the Best Western where we had stayed in the parking lot before, and hunkered down for the night.

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