Day 23: Drive to Grand Canyon

Woke up today to the pattering footsteps of a bird pacing up and down the roof of the car. It was starting to get hot, even at 7:30am, so we got up and washed up in the Best Western. We also managed to sneak some continental breakfast: 2 apples, 3 small boxes Mini Wheats cereal, 2 egg and cheese omelettes, 3 slices ham, 2 small cartons milk, and a coffee. Not bad for $0.


With our bellies full and spirits high we departed for the Grand Canyon, arriving at 5pm. After some hard decision making on how to allocate money, we bought the one year parks pass for $80. We headed back away from the park as it was getting late and set up camp in a self-pay campground called Ten-X. We had a trip christening of the frying pan by making scrambled eggs with cheese – delicious!

This was followed by a round of oatmeal with piloncillo (the sugar/molasses solid from Mexico the day before).

IMG_0770 IMG_0774

And finally a round of Mexican Tequilla in our brand new shot glasses


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