Day 5 – Second Day at Bowron Lakes

We learned from a map (or more accurately, a picture of the map that I had taken with my camera) that there were more cabins placed around the ~150km or so Bowron Lakes circuit. Since we had such an amazing first night, we decided to head back to the cars, stock up with food for 4 days, and continue on to the other cabins. We packed fast and light – I chose my 35L pack over the 70L.

Stashing our packs in the bear cash, it was 45 minutes back to the cars. We stocked up with food and fuel and headed back to the first cabin. Since there were still many hours of daylight, we pushed on to the second cabin of the circuit, at the end of Indianpoint Lake.


After 6 hours or so of snowshoeing across the lakes and portages, the Indianpoint Lake cabin came as a welcome relief. It was again stocked with wood, so we made a fire and set in for the evening. It was great having the fire, since we could boil water over the stove without needing to use up the scant 350mL of white gas I had brought for the trip.

roadtrip-019 roadtrip-020

By this time, we were growing very attached to Quinoa. We had had it every night except for one so far and it had been great. It is protein rich, dense (convenient for carrying), and easy to cook. I had fashioned a pot-cozy to simulate simmering. Thus, after water was boiled, the quinoa simply needs to sit in the pot for 25 minutes to be fully cooked. We had another excellent nights sleep.

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