Day 7 – Fourth Day at Bowron Lakes

With another 6am wake-up, we had a roaring fire going to warm up the cabin. It’s convenient with a routine of going to bed early and waking up early, since it’s much nicer snowshoeing on the more solid, frozen ground early in the day than the mushy ice/snow later in the day. Outside temperatures would swing from below freezing at night to 20 degrees on the lakes in the day (we learned this from a thermometer at the ranger station). We breakfasted in style with 4 eggs we had brought in a hard case. Scrambled with garam masala they were very nice, not that oatmeal with brown sugar and nuts is getting boring


The weather also turned last night, with the first precipitation we had seen since being on the lakes. It was beautiful blue sunny skies until now, but today is snowy, with low-lying fog hiding the mountains from view. It was actually a nice change from the nice whether, since the scenery looks very different this way. We also didn’t need to worry about overheating or sunburn!


Arriving back at the Indianpoint Lake cabin, I decided that it was time for a shower. I heated some water over the wood-burning stove and had another rather cold shower just outside the cabin. I left my boots and gaiters on since it was muddy outside.


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