Day 10 – Vanderhoof to Spatsizi Provincial Park

We had our latest night yet last night as it took a while to go through all our photos and update the blog. We finally pulled over at around 11:30pm and had our first night sleeping in the car. The seats recline to near horizontal and we have about six pillows or so, which made the car somewhat bedlike. Even with the late night, we were both awake by 6:30am with the sun.

We stopped at a rest area a few minutes away and Katie had the pleasure of throwing out her old boots. They had been soaking through every day at Bowron Lakes, so she swore to get new boots at the next big city. Finding an Atmosphere in Prince George, she got some new waterproof hiking boots. We also had coffee for the first time with the Bialetti stovetop espresso maker, which was a nice luxury.


We had lunch just before Smithers, at a rather scenic viewpoint. It’s amazing how it can be warm in the sun in the day when it gets so cold at night. We had soup and sandwiches. We then stopped at the Safeway in Smithers to get some new coffee (the coffee we had in the morning was remanents from last year’s Mexico trip)


Just past Smithers was the turnoff north to highway 37. It was a very nice change. There were hardly any cars nor cities for the whole ~500km up to Dease Lake. We drove up and down mountain passes, past frozen lake after frozen lake, and the road was very well maintained and clear of potholes and snow. Katie did the navigating. We stopped at a turnoff near Spatsizi Provincial Park and made camp on a forest road to a trailhead.

roadtrip-034 roadtrip-035 roadtrip-036

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