Day 12 – Swan Lake to Whitehorse

We woke up after a chilly night by the lake. I was happy to find that because of the constant breeze and the fly being partially up from the ground, there was no condensation on the fly or the tent. We were thus able to pack the tent up immediately instead of letting it air out in the back of the car. We had a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese, seasoned with garam masala on bread. Tea and coffee helped to warm us up.


We continued on to Whitehorse, with more cars on the road as we went. It is now 2pm and we’re accessing the internet from a Starbucks in the city.

roadtrip-043 roadtrip-044

After updating the blog we toured around Whitehorse for a bit. There was a big, fancy looking tourist information place but it was closed on Saturdays after 2pm or so. I say better to spend less on the building to be able to afford the labour to actually be able to give tourists information.

We then headed in the direction of Skagway and camped by a lake (Tutshi Lake perhaps?). It was a huge lake and was very windy. We made sure to bundle up, get the tent up and get dinner cooking as quickly as possible. We guyed out the corners and sides of the tent until taught, giving us a bombproof setup.

roadtrip-045 roadtrip-046 roadtrip-047


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