Day 13 – Skagway and Upper Dewey Lake

It was a windy night, but with the fly guyed close to the ground, we were warm. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs along with coffee, we headed for Skagway. It was a beautiful drive with clear skies, clear roads, and surrounded by snow-covered mountains.


Our breakfast view


The road to Skagway

We crossed the border with slightly more hassle than normal. Issue 1 – Since my Canadian passport was being renewed, I crossed as a UK citizen, resident of Vancouver, driving a car registered in New York. I had to pay a $6 international border crossing fee since I was neither Canadian nor American. Issue 2 – We had apples in the car – a restricted fruit. I presented the offending apples to an immigration officer and they, along with me, were cleared for entry. Issue 3 – We had a bottle of Amaretto in the back and the border guard questioned me rather thoroughly about Katie being under the legal drinking age of the US. I assured him that it was mine and that Katie would have no business with any alcoholic beverage while visiting the US.


After lunch in Skagway and a brief tour of the small and deserted town, we decided to hike to Upper Dewey Lake, on the advice of the hardware store man. Leaving around 4pm or so from Skagway, we realized that this was Skagway’s equivalent of the Grouse Grind. We ascended at the same general rate, with views of Skagway every so often. We eventually put on snowshoes, since we were postholing with every step. Even with the snowshoes, I was postholing occasionally with my mum’s rather small MSR snowshoes.


The bottom of the trail to the Dewey Lake Trails

We were happy to arrive at the lake around 7pm and found a locked, private cabin by the lake. There was also a very fancy outhouse with a rotating lock, skylights, and a cedar-finished toilet seat and trim.


The world’s most posh outhouse

We quickly set up camp, had a hot dinner, and went to bed. It turned out I was slightly on the uphill side – giving Katie a start as my sleeping body rolled into her.

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