Day 24 – To Anchorage

We headed today to Anchorage. It has been an excellent, sunny day and we got our first views of Denali from the the south. I posed for a picture.


We continued on to Anchorage and lunched at picnic tables in Goose Lake Park. It was somewhat stressful having to navigate the busy streets of Anchorage – we haven’t seen a similar sized city since at least Prince George, but more like Vancouver. The Iphone has been invaluable for navigating and locating Starbucks in cities. When the internet in Starbucks failed, we moved to a McDonalds just down the street, also with free internet.

We are now headed to the Kenai Peninsula for a few days of hiking. We don’t have long left before we’ll have to start returning home to Vancouver! A medical researcher?, Bill, from Kingston offered to let us stay at his place if we liked and gave us his phone number. We’re thinking about taking him up on his offer on our way back from the Kenai. It would be our first and only time not camping in over 3 weeks.


We finished the day by driving to the start of the Kenai peninsula along a beautiful highway by the ocean. It reminds me of the Sea to Sky Highway, connecting Vancouver to Whistler, being right by the ocean with mountains towering above.


We parked off the road at Bertha Creek Camground, closed, and walked beside the road closed sign with our camping gear. It was nice, with a picnic table to eat off of and with us being the only ones there.

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