Day 26 – Around Seward

We woke up and got a fire going again. It’s always nice not needing the stove to heat water for breakfast. We were soon out of the cabin and heading towards Russian Falls, 1 mile or so from the cabin. We read the plaques about how natives were allowed to fish 25 salmon per year for subsistence purposes and then headed back to the car.


We drove to Seward and had been thinking about hiking Mt Marathon, but instead went for a walk along the seawall and around town. First, we found a secluded spot from the winds to eat lunch. On my way back to the car, while Katie was filling our water bottles, a flock of 30 or so seagulls surrounded me. I had been covering my head, for fear of being pooed on, and when I looked up I saw the swarm surrounding me, pacing and looking at me. Katie walked back with the water and looked suspicious, she thought that I was up to something. But I was innocent – the seagulls just came to me!


Surrounded by seagulls

We then began our walk

roadtrip-098 roadtrip-099 roadtrip-100

Before leaving Seward, we decided to give Bill, from Goose Lake park, to see if he was actually okay with us visiting. We were happy that he said yes, and we plan to go around Anchorage and edit photos tomorrow before going over to his and his wife Mary’s house in the afternoon.

We then drove an hour or so out of Seward and stopped at Ptarmigan Campground, still in the Kenai – with a few other campers since the gate was open. Though we were happy to see a “no fee no services” sign posted. (Services referring to running water, a campground manager, and firewood).

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