Day 27 – Back to Anchorage

Morning as usual. The tarp and tent were damp from the dew so we left them to air out in the back of the car. We drove to Anchorage, occasionally getting blips of radio. We listened to 20 minutes of the Vinyl Cafe on Katie’s laptop before the battery died.


Camspite at Ptarmigan Ridge


Driving back from the Kenai Peninsula to Anchorage

We drove through Anchorage to a Walmart to restock with some food supplies. We also managed to get a 5-pack of blank CDs for $4. Far more expensive per unit than 2 years ago, but much better than the $30 pack we had seen in Superstore back in Whitehorse. We’ll have to choose carefully, since our stereo only accepts audio cds and not MP3 cds. That means 80 minutes x 5 cds for the next 5 days of driving.

We used the GPS to locate a park on the way back from Walmart. It told us to take an exit off the highway, which we did. It then navigated us towards what looked like a maximum security border crossing. We were some bewildered, but decided to continue following the directions of the GPS. We stopped and spoke to a strict guard who wanted to know are business, entering the military base. Katie and I were both pretty surprised, just wanting to go to the park. I had to give the guard my drivers license, then make a U-turn, and then exit the complex. We were humored by the incident and headed to the next park the GPS found instead.

We’ve now been at Starbucks for a few hours and are just about to head to Bill’s house. Tomorrow – the journey back home begins!


We arrived at Bill’s house at 5pm and met his wife Mary. It was very nice talking with them and sharing stories. They were very kind to us and made us the most excellent dinner we’ve had in weeks. They grilled up some steaks, hamburgers, salmon burgers, served along with yams, potato salad, and pasta salad. Delicious!

We also met their daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and grandson, and had yet another recommendation to go to Liard Hot Springs.

We went to sleep very happy, and our first time sleeping in a bed, as opposed to thermarests, for 4 weeks. A most pleasant luxury indeed!

2 Responses to “Day 27 – Back to Anchorage”

  1. Alex Says:

    I guess you didn’t hear about what happened to that last couple that followed their gps lol. They found the wife after so many days stranded in her car and the husband is still missing. It’s been on the news for a few days now

  2. Andrew Says:

    Oh no, luckily it was just good fun in our case! Just in the process of doing the last few day’s photos and write ups.

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