Day 28 – Back to Porcupine Creek Campsite

We woke up at 7am as usual, and were most happy to have showers. Bill got some coffee brewing, and then we all had breakfast. Our first time not having oatmeal for breakfast in 4 weeks! We had cereal and some excellent toast of cinnamon raison bread that Bill and Mary had picked up from the farmers market in Anchorage a couple days before. They suggested we go to Flat Top (mountain) for views across Anchorage. Soon we were off, along with gifts of cinnamon raison bread, a bunch of grapes, some almonds, and some salmon burgers. A good enhancement to our routine daily diet.


We first went to Flat Top and got some great views of the city. We didn’t actually go up the mountain since the trail was still snowy and we were anxious to get going with the day.

roadtrip-104 roadtrip-105

We then went to Earthquake Park, a memorial to the 1964 earthquake that devastated much of southern Alaska. We went for a stroll through the park, reading the various informational plaques. We then had lunch at a picnic table of the salmon burgers, cooked on the Whisperlite, as well as soup and raison bread.


Soon we were leaving Anchorage, the beginning of our journey back to Vancouver. The first stretch of road was new, as we had taken the indirect Denali Highway on the way in, but we were now taking the direct route back to Whitehorse. The road was quite scenic.


We camped at Porcupine Creek again, and were interested to see that much of the ice had melted since we were last here over a week ago. I refilled our water from a river and where I had before knelt down from shelf ice, the banks were now completely clear and rock covered. A sure sign that winter is ending and summer is coming!


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