Day 29 – Back to Takhini River Campground

We woke up, ready to do the exact drive we had done over a week ago, but in reverse. We made sure to pack up the tent instead of strewing it across the back seats like we sometimes do, since we would be crossing the Canadian border.

At the Canadian border, the guard was quite thorough. Though we first had to wait while the 2 cars in front of us were stopped for inspection. When we got to the window I actually forgot that I was using my British passport and was initially confused when he was confused about me saying I was a Canadian citizen. He was suspicious when we said we didn’t have any bear spray, but had spent many days hiking in the wilderness. He told us that they were doing “compliance checks” that day for all vehicles crossing the border. We were asked to leave the vehicle. Katie and I chuckled when he said in all seriousness during his inspection, “so… have you camped at all?” It was particularly funny since the entire back seat and trunk were covered in gear – the tent, poles, pegs, stove, pots, sleeping bags, thermarests, tarp, etc.

Soon we were in Canada, back on a few hundred km of particularly terrible highway. Dips, cracks, lurches, gravel. At one section we had to follow a pilot car since their were large construction vehicles slowly fixing up the road.


Shortly after we stopped as a bear grazed beside the road. I woke Katie up from her nap and also took a short video.


We eventually arrived at Takhini River campground – 50 km before Whitehorse and the same campground we had camped at before. Still no fee since the camping season is just beginning. We had white wine for our first time this trip. It was particularly nice having peggable ground.

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