Day 31 – To 200km from Prince George

I surprised Katie with an early wake up of 6am. I wanted to get our money’s worth and go to the Hot Springs again. I also figured that it would be a great start to the day and that we’d probably have the place to ourselves again. We readied ourselves in record time, broke camp, and headed the 5 minutes to the pool. Just as we were arriving, a small group of seniors was leaving, and we did indeed have the pool to ourselves. We stayed until warm and pleasant and then walked back to the car for breakfast.


From the boardwalk on the way to Alpha Pool at Liard Hot Springs

We began our day’s driving at 8:30am – a great start indeed! Not much to say about the day. We drove about 9h8m, including a lunch break and a 30 minute nap where I forgot to wake Katie up to take over driving. We decided to be super efficient for lunch, by steeping and eating the soup while driving. This brought our lunch of scrambled egg sandwiches and soup down to under 20 minutes.


Enjoying a bowl of soup in the car

We ended up just south of Chetwynd at a provincial park that I don’t recall the name of. We arrived at about 5:30pm, set up camp, ate dinner, and went to bed early – prepared for our day’s driving to Whistler the following day.


Dinner at our last campsite of the trip

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