Day 32 – To Whistler

Katie was anxious to get up early again, so that we could drive at a more leisurely speed today. So we again woke up at 6am and were on the road by 7:20am.

Lots of great scenery throughout the day, and about the same length of time driving as yesterday. We could have gone all the way to Vancouver along Highway 1, but opted instead to take the more scenic highway 99 to Whistler.

roadtrip-117 roadtrip-118

We were fortunate to have CBC for much of the day. When the radio was silent we switched to our one CD of Fleetwood Mac with a few other assorted songs.

We arrived in Whistler around 5:30pm and are now at my parents cabin. There are no tenants at the moment, so we have the whole place to ourselves, which is nice, especially compared to our normal tent setup.

We cooked our last supper of lentils on the stove indoors and uncorked our last bottle of wine from Alaska. Tomorrow we head the final 100km home!

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  1. alex Says:

    i took the exact same picture of that valley last year, also from a moving car

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