Day 28 – Return to Huaraz

We spent about 4 hours walking back out of the Ishinca Valley to Pashpa. At Laguna Cochobampa there was a taxi who would have charged us S60 ($20) back to Huaraz. There were another 2 climbers who had come back from the Ishinca Valley, so this would have been S15 each ($5), but we were told that there was a collectivo in Pashpa that would take us back to Huaraz for S5. We arrived in Pashpa at 12:30pm and were told that the collectivo would leave at 1pm. Someone offered us a taxi for S70.

After over an hour, the collectivo finally came around 1:45pm, but was full. We were told that there would be no more collectivos for the day. The taxi that would have charged S70 was now asking S100. After a while, one of the climbers who had come down, a Peruvian guide, called a taxi company from Huaraz and we caught it back for S60 around 3:30pm. The whole ordeal was pretty unfortunate. We were just looking forward to getting back.

Arrived back in Huaraz, ate a ton of food from all the street stands and went to bed

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