Nepal trip begins

Heading to the airport in a few minutes to get this trip started. Just called a hostel (Potala) to sort out a place to stay the first night and airport pickup. Still need to throw some things into a bag and then head off for the 20h55m hour plane ride from Vancouver to Guangzhou to Kathmandu. I think I’ll spend a day in Kathmandu for logistics before heading to the start of the circuit instead of going straight to the circuit. I’ll need to get a permit, etc.

Didn’t have time to pick up medication. Would have got ciproflaxacin (antibiotic), imodium, and diamox. Maybe I’ll find some in Kathmandu?

departs Vancouver 12:30pm – May 4, 2012
arrives Kathmandu 10:10pm – May 5, 2012

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  1. Anusapoa Says:

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  2. deohabuj Says:

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