Siegel’s Bagles

Siegel’s has perhaps the best bagels in Vancouver, definitely the best I’ve ever tasted. Tuesday is their discount day, where they sell a dozen bagels at $7.95 as opposed to their standard $9.95 (or $0.95 per bagel). They offer the normal varieties plus a host of their own flavours. Rosemary and rocksalt, banana walnut, and muesli are a few of their not so standard offerings. That’s not to say that their plain, sesame, poppy seed, or everything are inferior. In fact, having sampled quite a few of the flavours myself, I’ve come to conclusion that their best bagel is the everything bagel. Everything is done right from the freshness of the herbs, to the proportion of seeds, the variety of ingredients, and as with all their bagels, the just-out-of-the-oven freshness.

When I arrived today I was slightly disappointed by the selection. They were out of almost all their offerings, as shown in the pictures. I talked to the person at the till for a while, and when he realized I wasn’t in a hurry he offered to make a fresh batch of everything bagels. It was interesting watching how they go about making their bagels. They pre-make the dough for each type of bagel and store them in the freezer. When it comes time to making them, the bagels are submerged in a vat of boiling water and then placed on a long wooden paddle that is slid into the oven. It sounds like they pride themselves rather highly on the authenticity of their oven. It definitely looks the part.

I arrived home plesently surprised to having my bagel still warm from being baked. I cut it open, tossed it in the toaster, layered it with a bit of butter, and was delighted by every moment of its consumption. I look forward to breakfast tomorrow!

I would highly recommend Siegel’s to anyone in Vancouver. Especially on Tuesdays, the price is almost what you’d pay at a supermarket. They come out to 63 cents per bagel in comparison to an average supermarket price of 50 cents per bagel. If you’ve got someone to go half and half with, all the better. Otherwise, they can be thrown in the freezer to keep fresh, rather than going stale if left out. I will definitely be making return visits.
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