La Notte (Dunbar)

La Notte is an Italian restaurant on Dunbar at 17th. They typically charge $13 – $15 for their pastas, but Tuesday night is their “pasta night”. That is, $7.99 for all pastas. This was my second time to La Notte, and once again, quite a good place to go on a Tuesday night. It’s more of a quiet, dimmed-lights place with a a high percentage “old couple” clientelle.

The pastas are always more than enough for dinner, but not quite enough to make another meal of. I’ve noticed that they do tend to skimp out on the meat of the meal, but the quality is still high. A few more pieces of chicken in my Linguine al Pesto would have done well.

One of the big reasons I’m a fan of La Notte is the closeness to home. I can walk there in 5-10 minutes, and it’s easy to get to from anywhere else by taking the number 7 or 32 bus (Dunbar). If I’m in the market for restaurant food another Tuesday night, I would definitely consider La Notte again. I wouldn’t pay $15 for an entree there, but $7.99 is more than reasonable. They also have $9.99 seafood Thursday nights, but I have yet to try that.
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