Day 25 – Climb Ishinca

We woke up at 4am and quickly readied ourselves for the climb. I forced down a granola bar, giving me a total of 500 calories or so over the past 48 hours. I knew that I would need energy to make it to the summit.

I was going slow the whole day since my energy levels felt quite drained. After an hour or so Vicky and Fernando caught up to us, a Spanish couple who we had been friendly with at camp. We all went up together. At the glacier Alex joined Vicky and Fernando’s rope, while I went solo since there was little danger of cravasses across the path of travel.

We eventually summited and promptly headed down. We met Skyler, the VOCer who was on his way up to Ranrapalca – a highly technical mixed climb, requiring rock protection as well as ice protection. His pack looked huge.

I slept most of the day and had some soup. I figure my stomach must have shrunk, since I felt like I was going to explode after it.


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