Day 30 – Sport climbing at Los Olivos

We met Vicky and Fernando as well as Alex and Hamik, 2 Californians we had met in the Ishinca Valley at 10am at Plaza de Armas. We had 2 full ropes and plenty of quick draws between us. Alex and I rented a crash pad for S15 ($5) and I rented rock shoes and a harness for S10 ($3.33). I didn’t feel comforable sport climbing with my glacier harness, since the straps are very thin and it would have been pretty uncomfortable.

I then became our official haggler and got us a taxi the 15 minutes to Los Olivos for S6, or S1 per person ($0.33). We were squeezed in pretty tight, with Hamik laying on the crash pad in the boot.

We had a good day, finding plenty of routes to climb. The rock was very nice and juggy. There were also many bouldering problems including a cave that we had tried a few weeks ago.

We stayed for 5 hours or so and were back in Huaraz by 4:30pm. Alex and Hamik went to a gringo restaurant, Fernando and Vicky went home, and other Alex and I went to a chinese “Chifa” place for S5 each.

I was very tired, so went to bed. I hadn’t slept last night because I had been thinking about my interview this morning.

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